Merrill Memorial Park Cemetery

Merrill Memorial Park and Mausoleum of Eternal Rest

Merrill Memorial Park is dedicated to the memory of those who in eternal repose lie herein

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Merrill Memorial Park takes pride in being one of the more beautiful cemeteries in the area.  Formed in 1881 Merrill Memorial Park has maintained the high standards expected by lot owners in the cemetery. A strong sense of pride and excellent boards of directors. ensures that in the future Merrill Memorial Park will be well managed and well kept.

The board of directors and staff at Merrill Memorial Park thank you for looking at this web page.

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Merrill Memorial Park can be contacted by phone at 715-536-2297, by mail at P.O. Box 314 Merrill, WI. 54452 or e mail at     Questions regarding burial or entombments at Merrill Memorial Park can be asked.  A limit of five family names will be looked up free of charge. Cemetery superintendent  can be contacted for quotes on multiple name searches. Be advised, a complete list of person(s) buried or entombed at Merrill Memorial Park will not be placed on this web site..

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The trust placed in Merrill Memorial Park by lot owners is greatly appreciated

Merrill Memorial Park is the largest cemetery in Merrill Wisconsin.  The cemetery offers traditional burials, cremation burials, cremains inurnments, mausoleum spaces and a cremains scattering garden.

Pricing can be obtained by contacting the cemetery superintendent.

Merrill Memorial Park as part of it perpetual care plants numerous flowers in specified areas of the cemetery.

We also have a memorial tree program. This program has the purchase of a tree in a deceased persons memory. Once the tree is planted, a small memorial plate is placed close to the tree to indicate whom the tree is in memory of. Merrill Memorial Park reserved the right on where trees are planted.

With the increase in cremations, Merrill Memorial Park has constrcted a scattering garden called the Garden of Unity. This is a brick lined area with lava rock surrounding the brick. Cremains are placed on the lava rock and disipate into the soil. This is offered as a cost effective alternative to an in ground burial.

Merrill Memorial Park also offers granite memorial benches. These benches are placed in various areas of the cemetery and are a lasting memorial to a deceased loved one. Prices and photos can be obtained by contacting the cemetery superintendent.